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Ukrainian Patriot is a group of Ukrainians and internationals working to aid volunteers defending Ukraine and those civilians caught in the crossfire. Join us and help keep not just Ukraine — but the world — a little safer, more secure, and free.

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Medicine and Medical Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Protective Gear

Mental Health / PTSD


Recent Deliveries

22 - 24 December, 2022

Aid delivery to Perevukhina, Kharkiv & Sloviansk, Donetsk

11 December, 2022

Delivery of 25 food bags to Zabakhmutka, Donetsk.

7/8 December, 2022
  • Delivery of high need medicines to Zarichne, Zaporizhzhia.
  • Warm clothing for men / women / children, blankets, power generators, heating stations, fresh food and dry food staples delivered to Kramatorsk, Donetsk.
  • Warm clothing and fresh food delivered to Bakhmut, Donetsk.
  • A power generator, warm clothing for men, women and children delivered to Chasov Yar, Donetsk.
29 November, 2022​
  • Large delivery to Perevukhina, Kharkiv.  Items delivered include high need medicine for adults and children, food bags, male hygiene kits, female hygiene kits, child hygiene kits, washing powder, tealights, baby porridge, diapers, batteries, blankets, and sleeping bags. Also included pencils, paints, albums and paint brushes for children.
  •  Delivery to Orlyvschyna, Dnipro consisting of warm clothing, blankets, female hygiene kits, male hygiene kits, child hygiene kits, and adult diapers.
  •  Delivery to Zarichne, Zaporizhzhia of insulin, insulin needles and preparations, insulin pens, high need medications, and baby diapers. 

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*Ukrainian Patriot’s US entity is currently in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status. All donations will retroactively qualify for a tax deduction.