Help keep our defenders warm!

Imagine standing guard tirelessly on the frontline. Forget about taking the time for a leisurely meal or even a moment for a fortifying sip of hot coffee when every tick of the clock echoes a profound responsibility to safeguard lives and liberty. For the defenders on the frontlines in Ukraine, every second and every resource must be carefully rationed to provide ample rejuvenation when there is a moment of respite.

In those pivotal moments, we step in — Ukrainian Patriot delivers ready-to-eat meals and beverages equipped with self-heating technology created by The 42 Degrees Company. This technology is priceless as it provides the comfort of hot, flavorful food and drink, efficiently and on a moment’s notice. We have received the reviews from grateful frontline recipients: “Fast, convenient, and most importantly, delicious”. Right now, a shipment of 51,000 cans of self-heating coffee is making the journey to Ukrainian defenders with the promise of warmth and comfort in the chill of duty.

Here’s the magic:
On activation, the self-heating can heats up by +42°C,

  • ensuring a warm drink within 3 minutes
  • stays heated for 20 minutes
  • no cords
  • no devices
  • patented system
  • safety-tested

Support Ukraine

This isn’t about selling a product. And this isn’t some clever marketing trick. This is, simply, a small way to provide some warmth and sustenance to those who are defending Ukraine’s sovereignty. These defenders are protecting and saving lives; let’s provide them a moment of respite. Let’s bring them, for a moment, the comfort of a cosy café, right there on the front line.

Your help, your contributions, can warm a heart and fortify a spirit with a donation that provides 12 self-heating cans, matched by another 12 cans from The 42 Degrees Company. 

You can donate here:

Don’t just be a spectator, be a Ukrainian Patriot!