About Us

Ukraine is Our Home

We are a group of Ukrainians and internationals who call Ukraine our home

Who Are We?

Ukrainian Patriot is an NGO registered in both Canada and Ukraine. We procure and deliver critical medical supplies, protective equipment, and humanitarian aid inside Ukraine. Working directly with the civilian battalions and humanitarian aid workers on the ground, Ukrainian Patriot is able to procure exactly what is specifically requested.

When possible, these supplies are procured within Ukraine to reduce cost and delivery time. When this is not possible, they are expedited from international manufacturers and routed through our temporary warehouse in Lublin, PL before being delivered directly to the civilian battalions and humanitarian aid workers inside Ukraine. Because we are all volunteers, 100% of your donation goes to procure and deliver these critical supplies.

Ukrainian Patriot sees the inherent value in keeping the Ukrainian nation strong and secure so that we may continue to act as a crucial safeguard for the rest of the world against tyranny and totalitarianism. 

Ukrainian Patriot was founded on the last day of February 2022 – Day 5 of Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war on Ukraine. Humanitarian aid in the form of clothing, blankets, food, and medicines have been provided in the truckloads, which is amazing! However, thousands of Ukrainian civilians are signing up daily to take part in the volunteer battalions without any protective gear whatsoever. 

We started at Ukrainian Patriot to to help keep these men and women as safe as possible as they stand to protect the Ukrainian nation – and our world. As such, we have outlined a number of operations to which we are dedicating our time and resources. 

The humanitarian aid currently being sent to our internally displaced families and refugees is of great need in a country at war. By supporting our volunteer battalions, we help ensure that these people will have a country to come home to.

How It Works

Our Process:

  1. Civilian battalions and humanitarian aid workers inside Ukraine send us direct requests for items
  2. We collect donations and purchase the item requested 
  3. We deliver these items directly to the civilian battalions and humanitarian aid workers inside Ukraine

For example:

  1. A civilian battalion in Mariupol requests first aid kits
  2. You donate to Ukrainian Patriot
  3. We source and purchase the first aid kits and deliver them directly to the civilian battalion in Mariupol
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If you have any questions, please contact us.