About Ukrainian Patriot

We are a group of Ukrainians and internationals working tirelessly to aid volunteers defending Ukraine and civilians caught in the crossfire.


Who we are

How it works

Step 1

Ukrainian Patriot receives requests from individuals or organizations

Step 2

Requests are reviewed and vetted by Ukrainian Patriot Funding Committee

Step 3

If approved, donations are allocated to the request goal 

Step 4

Ukrainian Patriot delivers these items directly to the necessary people on the ground inside Ukraine


Ukrainian Patriot fights for victory over tyranny and the rebuilding to peaceful self determination for all Ukrainians by delivering light and love in the form of practical necessities. (There’s good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.)


Our vision at Ukrainian Patriot is a Ukraine that is free from tyranny and oppression, where the safety and well-being of all its citizens are secured, and where the principles of democracy, justice, and equality are upheld. We strive to achieve this vision by providing unwavering support to the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom and human dignity. Ukraine’s beacon of courage and sacrifice during war will carry it forward to a just and prosperous time of peaceful democracy.


We work 24/7 to provide support and care, bringing light, love, hope, and connection to those defending Ukraine and the civilians caught in the crossfire. We gather global resources to deliver care to Ukrainians across five practical support pillars: (1) humanitarian aid, (2) wartime protection, (3) medical supplies and training, (4) mental health, and (5) rebuilding — precisely and courageously targeted to the most deserving people and places.

“ Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ”

— Martin Luther King Jr

Ukrainian Patriot Crew

How it Started

“So how did this start? I was in my apartment in February 2022. I was watching the news very closely, as I’m sure you were as well. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

If I’m going to remain in Kyiv, how am I going to survive, and feed myself? I thought about it and I was not ready to throw in the towel, even though there was fear. And on  the 28th of February, I decided that rather than succumb to that fear to run to the light, and so we started Ukrainian Patriot.

Why did we start Ukrainian Patriot? Well, everyday occurrences and scenes in Kyiv were filled with block posts or checkpoints at every intersection. Burned out vehicles along the sides of the streets. There was a 60 kilometer long column  of tanks  rolling into Kyiv.  You couldn’t move to another intersection without being stopped by someone with normal clothing, not unlike what you’re likely wearing at the moment but with one very strict difference, and that was they were carrying a semi-automatic.

The next few days, weeks and months, my home became a small barracks to house international medics who needed a roof over their head. It also became a warehouse. In and amongst that as the days continued, the universe started to work appropriately and started sending people my way.

We started to expand. Support started coming in for Ukrainian Patriot and not just tangible items, but we were seeing funds in the account and were able to start purchasing vehicles. We’ve now acquired a small fleet which takes aid from many points including Poland as well as Western Ukraine and into all areas of Ukraine and the hotspots of the east and the south.Our first vehicle we purchased is named Audrey, next came Bridget, and numerous others have followed.

Today, Ukrainian Patriot operates on five pillars: protective gear, medical equipment and medicines, humanitarian aid for both humans and animals, PTSD and trauma assistance, and rebuilding efforts. 

There are so many requests for help and there are so many people hurting, and there are so many people who are angry and there are so many people hating. I could get lost in the darkness very easily, but getting lost in that place renders me useless. And it does not help Ukrainian Patriot in any way.

And so I pay attention to the light. It and when it appears and why it appears. I have every opportunity in this world to do good things just like you. I choose to move in this direction rather than the opposite because I know that this is where we as a community, around the world, can be most useful.

When I move, I know that I am not just supported because of the light, but I am supported because of all of you. We are able to move because of your love and your light, and that is a very beautiful thing. And while this is my story, I do not work alone. I have a great many people who help me on a regular basis, from all corners of the world.

We could not operate if it weren’t for the dedication and continued support of each other, of course, but also of you.

So that is the story of Ukrainian Patriot. At this moment, it is to be continued and I look forward to sharing more successful stories with all of you, and I am grateful for your love and support.”

Lana Niland

Founder, Ukrainian Patriot