Delivery to Kupiansk, Kharkiv

On November 2, 2022 we drove to Kharkiv for the night. November 3 we went to Kypyansk Oblast to a village recently liberated.

The road to the village has been heavily traveled and destroyed from recent artillery strikes and heavy vehicles.

We delivered 25 humanitarian aid bags with canned meat and vegetables, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, oil and pasta. Three boxes of adult pampers, box of clothing for children aged 12-24 months and rotor stations for the local military units. We created “treat bags” for the children, who were over the moon with we the special treat.

There was an opportunity for us to visit an animal enclosure that had been hit by incoming artillery. Many animals were not able to escape or be relocated. There was remains of what was left of animals and the smell of those who suffered a slow starving death was left lingering within many rooms. Empty cages, tanks still filled with water, and whomever lived peacefully, and what was left of animals that made an attempt to escape.

The guards who work there continue to oversee what is left of the grounds and buildings.