Humanitarian and Medical Aid Delivery to Kherson region/Kherson

UP crew have completed aid drops to 5 different hospitals in Kherson city, delivery them cleaning supplies, food and clothing. We have assisted GloBee International with delivery of food bags to areas in Kherson city where the flood waters have now receeded. We have been making connections with new organisations daily and helping them to co-ordinate drops and deliver aid and supplies to other hubs around Kherson.A couple of days ago the Boat ramp with which our new friends had been using to stage there missions on the water came under shelling so we headed down and helped retrieve boats and crews from the water. Yesterday we delivered food, water, pampers, clothes, light and love to Antonivka and Savode. Then most of the team headed back to Kyiv while Olga, Pashca and I have stayed down here to continue to be of assistance where we can!