Lana Nicole Niland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Growing up on the Canadian prairies (Saskatoon, SK), Lana pursued dance there as far as it could take her. Along the way, she discovered the beauty, power, and history of Ukrainian Dance, and this became the focus of her burning passion to create. Upon completion of her studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Lana moved to Kyiv to focus her passionate pursuit of Ukrainian dance, culminating in a much-coveted dancer’s position with the Virsky National Honoured Academic Ensemble of Ukraine. To date, she is the only dancer outside the post-Soviet space to achieve this incredible accomplishment.

Throughout her 19 years (and counting) in Ukraine, Lana Niland has had very little downtime. Once her dance career with Virsky ended in 2009, she joined What’s On Kyiv, Kyiv’s only English Language Arts and culture magazine, as Deputy Editor, then later as Editor-In-Chief. In 2015, she founded Postmark Ukraine, a firm that employs local designers to create costume and dancewear for clients around the world. She also co-founded Rodovid Academy of Ukrainian Dance in 2016 and one year later, founded Big Fat Roger Productions as a home for What’s On Ukraine, among other ongoing creative projects.

Lana has turned her drive and passion toward developing Ukrainian Patriot. Working with international networks she has assembled through years of work as a journalist and marketer, UP is engaging Lana Niland in ways she never expected and her passion for creation is becoming battle-hardened resolve that is focussing on saving Ukraine and Ukrainian lives.