Lyalya Fonarova

Director; Ukraine


“It’s not politicians who build society, it is Ukrainians who build society that shapes politicians.”

Ukraine is Lyalya Fonarova’s native country. It was during the Revolution on Granite in Kyiv, in 1990, that her need to get involved began. Incidentally, this is the same square where the 2004 Orange Revolution began, as well as the most recent Revolution of Dignity in 2014.Following her inauguration into activism, Lyalya’s call to create was fostered in the world of hair and beauty, winning awards for her achievements at many international competitions. At the age of just 30, she became the youngest judge at a number of these same competitions, which had validated her craft. This led to an opportunity to work with Tony & Guy in London, UK, together with a number of well-known international faces.

In 2000, she changed gears and started working in the entertainment industry as the director of what has become one of Ukraine’s most well-known rock groups, in good part, thanks to her creative and directorial assistance. During this time, she has also founded the clothing brand Eter and has recently opened the beauty and hair salon – Dvoye.

Throughout her life, Lyalya has always played an active role in social and civic activism. She believes strongly in the strong roles of public office, patriotism to one’s nation and culture, and the importance of these values in family life. And today is no different. Directing all of her current energy into the activities of Ukrainian Patriot, working together we will be victorious.