Privacy Policy

What Data is Collected?

The website of Ukrainian Patriot provides a convenient way to learn about the mission and history of Ukrainian Patriot, and support the organisation and ongoing projects. Information is collected from website visitors, and is used to communicate with supporters and process submitted interactions. Ukrainian Patriot only collects information that is required, and does not sell or otherwise communicate any data that is collected to other organisations unless required by the interaction, as described below.

When a user visits the website to interact with Ukrainian Patriot, such as make a donation, sign up to volunteer, or subscribe to a newsletter, it may be required to collect the visitor’s name, address, phone number(s), and other information relevant to the interaction. This includes standard credit card information when making a monetary donation.

Specific system information is also collected about online visitors to the website using “cookies”, pixels, web beacons, and other technologies that operate automatically. This information is used to give website visitors a better online experience and to help inform website improvements. Information collected includes identifying parts of websites that are most popular, with what online visitors are interacting, and how much time they spend. If a visitor does not want the website to collect information using cookies, this function can be disabled by the browser. However in this case, the website experience may not function optimally.

How is Collected Data Secured?

Ukrainian Patriot acknowledges the significance of the data it collects and leverages physical, electronic and procedural measures to reasonably and proportionately restrict the access and use of that data to only its intended purpose.

Credit card transactions are secured using modern security measures such as encryption, and logical and physical access restriction. Ukrainian Patriot engages third-parties to process credit card transactions, who also leverage modern security measures.

Ukrainian Patriot takes reasonable steps to safeguard the data it collects, and continually works to improve these security features and procedures.

How is Collected Data Used?

If personal information is provided to Ukrainian Patriot we may be in contact to provide updates on the mission and projects ongoing at Ukrainian Patriot.

Ukrainian Patriot does not sell, trade, or share personally identifiable information with any other entity, except as described below.

On occasion, Ukrainian Patriot may share collected data in order to help facilitate the activities and programs of the organisation, and as required by law. This includes sharing information with payment-processing third-parties to help fulfil orders for merchandise, and process donations. Ukrainian Patriot only engages third-parties who also deploy robust data security measures. Ukrainian Patriot permits third-parties to only use information that is required to support interactions with Ukrainian Patriot.

How to Contact Ukrainian Patriot About Data Privacy

To change communication preferences, or to opt-out of receiving communications from Ukrainian Patriot, following the link below:

If there are questions about this Data Privacy Policy, Ukrainian Patriot may be contacted by email at , or by mail at:
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